The MUD PUPPIES were started in August 2003 at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas and was originally established as a club for military and law enforcement individuals. The inaugural MUD PUPPIES ride was to the little town of Carnudas, Texas (pop. 6 or 7-depending on who is home) where we enjoyed some of the best burgers in Texas. Since then “MUD PUPPIES Monday Night” was created involving the club getting together to watch Monday Night football and to enjoy evening rides. The 2003 Ruidoso Aspencade held in Ruidoso, NM, was the first official bike rally attended by the MUD PUPPIES and it included a 3-day camping experience in Cloudcroft, NM.


The club name comes from the slang term used to describe Military Police (MP’s) as “Mud Puppies.” A mud puppy is also a salamander that is known as a “Hellbender.” A hell bender is an incredibly voracious creature that is tenacious in life. We believe that this is an accurate description of our members, “Not necessarily hell-raisers but always hungry for adventure and hard to take down.”


The club colors are Green and Gold which are the colors of the United States Army Military Police Corps. The patch was developed from the Military Police motto of “Assist, Protect, Defend.” The key symbolizes “Assist,” the shield symbolizes “Protect,” and the sword symbolizes “Defend.”The

The Inaugural MUD PUPPIES Ride - Carnudas, Texas

Inaugural MUD PUPPIES Ride – Carnudas, Texas

The club colors are Green and Gold which are the colors of the United States Army Military Police Corps. The patch was developed from the Military Police motto of “Assist, Protect, Defend.” The key symbolizes “Assist,” the shield symbolizes “Protect,” and the sword symbolizes “Defend.” rallies, and get-togethers!

The front of a member’s vest or jacket has a small Colors patch on the left with either the member’s name tag or position held within the club placed underneath it. If a member holds a position within a chapter, their name tag may be placed on the right side of the vest or jacket.

The MUD PUPPIES colors consist of a 3-part patch. The Top Rocker reads the club name MUD PUPPIES. The Center Patch is the actual Club Colors. The Bottom Rocker reads the chapter location to which the member belongs. All support members will have a Bottom Rocker that reads SUPPORT.

“Merlin” is the founding President of the MUD PUPPIES Motorcycle Club and has served in the United States Air Force Security Police and the United States Army Military Police. “Merlin” has over 25 years of riding experience and rides a 2002 1700cc Yamaha Roadstar Warrior named “The Beast.”

“Roo” is the founding Vice President of the MUD PUPPIES Motorcycle Club. She served in the United States Military Police Corps and rides a 1999 750cc Honda Shadow A.C.E. named “SueEllen.”

“Coyote” is the founding Secretary of the MUD PUPPIES. He has over 35 years of riding expirience and rides a 1994, 1000cc, Honda CB named “Blitzen” which is the German word for Lightning. (RIP Coyote)

Our By-laws (or Club Rules) are simple. We are a social club that focuses on the enjoyment of riding motorcycles and spending time with like-minded folks.


1. There are two classifications of members in the MUD PUPPIES motorcycle club:

  • The first classification is a motorcycle operator. A motorcycle operator is an individual that is licensed and actually operates/drives a motorcycle. All motorcycle operators will be designated by wearing a location rocker with their colors.
  • The second classification is a motorcycle rider. A motorcycle rider is an individual that is not licensed and merely rides on a motorcycle with a club member but still regularly attends meetings, rides, and club gatherings. These members are considered support members to the club and are designated by wearing a “SUPPORT” rocker with their colors.

2. To become a member, an individual must simply present an interest in joining the club. Interest is established by spending time with the club, attending club events, and joining in on rides with the club.

3. Once interest is established, the individual may request or be asked by the local chapter, if they would like to join the club. A 100% vote of the local chapter will be held to approve any new member.

4. If an individual is interested in joining the club and/or starting up a chapter in their location which currently does not have a MUD PUPPIES chapter. A request to join the club or create a chapter should be sent to either the MUD PUPPIES Founding President (Montgomery “Merlin” Hoover) or Founding Vice President (Marlise “Roo” Edwards). The request will be reviewed and voted upon by the Founding Members and the Presidents of all the MUD PUPPIES chapters.

5. All makes, models, and styles of motorcycles are accepted and must be kept street legal and all paperwork required to ride must be kept up to date.

6. Club members that own and operate a motorcycle must have a motorcycle with an engine 450cc or larger. This is the only motorcycle specific requirement due to times that highway riding will be conducted. We do not want to impede the flow of traffic or leave anyone behind!

7. The MUD PUPPIES are not exclusive. A member may belong to another motorcycle club. (Beware of conflicts of interest; many of our members are military and/or law enforcement-based.)

8. The membership fee will be the price of your patch. Annual Dues will be determined by, paid to, and used by the local chapter. Any member who wishes to see and review the chapter account records will be allowed to do so.

9. All patches are ultimately the property of the MUD PUPPIES Motorcycle Club and will be given back immediately upon the request of the President or his representative.

10. If a member moves to another location that has a MUD PUPPIES chapter, that member will automatically become a member of the local chapter.

11. If a member moves to a location that does not have a chapter of the MUD PUPPIES, that member may start a chapter. The member shall become President and the bottom rocker shall be changed to denote the location (i.e. Washington D.C.).

12. You must have at least (3) members to start a chapter; a President, Vice President, and a Secretary. The Secretary can double as the Treasurer. The President may also designate a Road Captain and Sergeant at Arms.

13. If a member moves and does not wish to start a chapter and/or has no local chapter to join, the member may still ride under the colors with a bottom rocker that reads, WORLDWIDE or the name of the state in which that member lives (i.e. Wisconsin). This also applies to members that join the MUD PUPPIES without a local chapter present.

14. Any decision by the President of the local chapter may be appealed to the membership and a vote called. A two-thirds majority is needed to overrule the Presidents decision. Any member may vote or abstain from voting.

15. All members may hold office; however, the following positions must be held by a motorcycle operator: President, Vice President, Road Captain, and Sergeant at Arms. A vote may be called to change officers. Only a simple majority is needed to change officers.